09 April 2012

Weekend Adventures

Wow. What a weekend! One of my dear friends, C, who is like a big sister to me got married this weekend in Palmetto Bluff. Palmetto Bluff is SUCH a pretty place! I had not been there before this weekend, but C goes there with her family every year & I have been hearing about it & its awesomeness for a while.

(photo by Haley)

K & C got hitched in this beautiful, intimate chapel. It was the sweetest wedding I have been to - the couple really wanted it to be like a worship service & it certainly was. During the service, there was a time where the wedding party laid hands on the couple & prayed for them as they enter into their new life together.

Dutch got to come to Palmetto Bluff, too. He had so much fun! The Inn at Palmetto Bluff is very pet friendly. The dogs are allowed everywhere except the pool area & inside the restaurants. Haley & Bryan of Over Under Clothing brought their chocolate lab, Lottie Grace. Lottie & Dutch are great friends. Palmetto Bluff's access is limited & where the cottages are {where we stayed} there are no cars allowed - you get everywhere by bike or golf cart. It is really neat. Dutch was off-leash a good portion of our time there & I was not worried about him. He & Lottie Grace would run while Haley & I rode our bikes. The entire staff was very friendly & easy going, especially when it came to the dogs. They provide orthopedic beds for the dogs & even have a menu you can order off of it you want.

Mr. Dutch in his orthopedic bed.

Haley & I are both blondes & our dogs are both chocolate labs. When Haley checked into the Inn, the staff said, "Didn't we already check you in?" Haley laughed & told them that it must have been me they checked in earlier. She & Bryan recently watched Tea Partay. I had completely forgotten about it. They kept 'rapping' {if you will} "We might be vanilla, but our labs are chocolate." It's so great. Since the line pretty much sums up our lives, we've been obnoxiously repeating this all weekend.

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