101 Things In 1001 Days


I am keeping a list of 101 things that I am determined to accomplish in the next 1001 days. 1001 days {2.75} years is a good chunk of time to accomplish things in without it being a). too much in too short amount of time or b). a lifelong bucket list.  So, here goes...

I'm beginning these as soon as I finish the list... So, even though I may have sent fifty handwritten notes or have ten coffee table books, I'm not counting them. I have to get ten more coffee table books, etc.

1. Come up with 101 things. {May 1, 2012}

2. Throw a surprise party for a friend.

3. Start my own company, either on the side or full time.

4. Take a trip to Montreal.

5. Get business cards for Over Under, LRROF, and personal.

6. Have a picnic.

7. Be able to better define my aesthetic, in both fashion and interior design.

8. Post an outfit of the day every day for a month on this blog.

9. Throw my first dinner party.

10. Find out my blood type.

11. Go skinny-dipping.

12. Do "photo a day" challenge on Instagram for an entire month.

13. Take a ballroom dance class.

14. Foster every color lab male and female (F 0/3) (M 1/3),

15. Drink eight glasses of water every day for one week.

16. Have fresh flowers in my room every week.

17. Gain 100 followers on this blog.

18. Move out of my parents' house.

19. Read all the Harry Potter books.

20. Take a spontaneous road trip with my friends.

21. See all the Harry Potter movies.

22. Visit my godmother in Santa Barbara.

23. Send 60 handwritten notes.

24. Go on a trip with just my mum.

25. Watch Mad Men from start to present.

26. Buy a piece of David Yurman.

27. Make an address book with contact information for family & friends.

28. Write a note to a friend every week for 20 weeks.

29. Figure out the best way to store all those business cards.

30. Send a care package to my brother & sister-in-law,

31. See a Cirque du Soleil performance.

32. Adopt another LRROF dog.

33. Take a self-defense class.

34. Lose 19 pounds.

35. Graduate from University.

36. See the sunrise and sunset in the same day.

37. Buy my first piece of original art.

38. Visit Alaska.

39. Invest in ten coffee table books.

40. Go vegetarian for a week.

41. Prepare a meal using ingredients bought at a farmers' market.

42. Visit Memphis,

43. Find the perfect little black dress.

44. Color-coodinate my closet.

45. Learn calligraphy.

46. Play in the rain.

47. Read twenty new books.

48. Make a budget for myself and stick to it.

49. Go to an SEC football game.

50. Go apple picking.

51. Carve pumpkins for Halloween.

52. Go to a live taping of a TV show.

53. Write in this blog at least 5x a week.

54. Throw a party for my parents.

55. Live life "unplugged" for a week.

56. Go gluten free, successfully.

57. Set food on all seven continents.

58. Ride in a hot air balloon.

59. Try every Ben & Jerry's ice cream flavor.

60. Watch baby turtles hatch.

61. Learn the Cha-Cha, the Charleston, and the Tango.

62. Pen handwritten notes to my grandmother.

63. Actually read my pretty coffee table books.

64. Be able to recite favorite poem by heart.

65. Have a signature cocktail for each season.

66. Find my signature lipstick shade.

67. Throw a lavish lawn party.

68. Learn to excel at Bocce Ball.

69. Wear polka dots in Paris.

70. Start the mornings with the daily crossword.

71. Go on a leaf peeping excursion in Vermont.

72. Postmark holiday cards with vintage stamps.

73. Challenge family to a game of flag football.

74. Rise early to watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

75. Say yes to seconds.

76. Smooch a handsome stranger under the mistletoe.

77. Host a soiree for my closest friends.

78. Craft homemade valentines for friends.

79. Throw a tea party with little cakes.

80. Read the unread books on my bookshelf.

81. See a film at a drive-in theatre.

82. Visit the Alhambra palace in Spain.

83. Attend the Manchester Irish Festival in England.

84. Note one good thing that happens every day.

85. Visit L'Anse aux Meadows in Canada.

86. Make a pinhole camera.

87. Stop biting my nails.

88. Watch every Best Picture Oscar nominee.

89. Don't complain about anything for a week.

90. Don't eat out for a month.

91. Completely rid of HFCS in my diet.

92. Make ice cream from scratch.

93. Donate blood.

94. Say hello to ten strangers in one day.

95. Teach Dutch how to bring people beer.

96. Get new glasses.

97. Go horseback riding.

98. Make bread from scratch.

99. Try a new recipe once a week for 12 weeks.

100. Floss daily for 21 days.

101. Make ravioli from scratch.

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