About Me

Hi! My name is Sara Grace.

I’m a 20-something who loves to write. I’m left handed and my favorite color is typically pink, but occasionally navy blue. I enjoy snail mail, well-placed monograms, and the occasional foster dog. I delight in making lists, but always fail to complete them. I have a bucket list a mile long. I love to travel, but never forget home. I dream about opening my own boutique, bakery, & barkery. I consider blueberry cookies my specialty. I admire stationery & writing letters – I delight in the thrill of a handwritten note. I have a serious weakness for bow ties. I believe the Labrador Retriever is the most preppy of dogs. I love pretty coffee table books. I have yet to meet a gingham I don’t like. I consider s’mores a delicacy. I will forever buy new “school supplies” in September. The Staffordshire spaniels on my mantle are named Gwendolyn & Sebastian. I still wake up early on Christmas to see what Santa brought. I believe an Audrey painting hung anywhere in the home will bring good luck. Above all else, I cherish life with my chocolate lab, Dutch.

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  1. Sarah Grace, I ended up here going through the lab rescue site. We'd like to adopt a dog. If you volunteer for them and come across one, I'd love to know about it. If you don't mind contacting me, I'll be glad to tell you more about what we're looking for. I've filled out the adoption form and had a "home visit". Long story. My phone is 407-716-4110 or email, KarenWalker@cfl.rr.com. Thank you, Karen


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