19 August 2012

Missing In Action

Where oh where have I been these past few months?!? I am such an inconsistent blogger...

One would think that with all this "free time" during summer, I'd be writing up a storm posting lots of pics. However, it seems that my free summer time quickly went way to summer classes, creating a catalog for Over Under Clothing, visiting my brother & sister-in-law in Memphis, visiting one of my high school best friends in Auburn, making quick stops over in Tallahassee, and most recently, going to Maine for a wedding.

Here's an update on my life if anyone is still out there...

1. My failed gluten-free diet that I swore I would be able to do this summer, still didn't happen.
2. I found out I'm allergic to mushrooms & beef. Let me tell you, beef is in SO many things that you wouldn't think of! I'll leave that for another time, though.
3. I got hired by Over Under. I run their twitter page (check it out here: @over_under_co) and have been doing some fun graphics things with Adobe.
Which brings me to...
4. I am changing my major from Early Childhood Education to Graphic Design. Eek! I'm a junior changing my major (what am i doing?!). Although I cannot draw on paper to save my life, I love manipulating images on the computer. I pray that this is the right step for me and that I will ultimately be happy with my decision.

The wedding in Maine was FABULOUS! Tish, if you're reading this- please adopt me and let me come live in Maine with y'all and get married up there. Boothbay Harbor is such a beautiful place...

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