14 April 2012

Over Under Clothing Giveaway

My friend, Bryan, launched Over Under Clothing in December 2011. We're working very hard to get the word out and tell everybody about Over Under! What makes Over Under different from other "preppy" brands is the fact that every item is made in the USA. The cotton for t-shirts, for example, comes from Georgia and Mississippi. The leather comes from Ohio. It is very important to Bryan to support the American economy - especially in the tough times that we {as a country} are facing. What's even more special about Over Under is that 5% of each purchase goes to benefit Lab Rescue shelters and Ducks Unlimited North America. Every Jacksonville purchase goes to LRROF - District 4 {Northeast Florida}. And, if you've been following me from the beginning, you know LRROF is very important to me. As the company grows, Bryan wants to be able to give to Lab Rescues in the area where the purchaser lives. 

Dutch wears his Over Under collar with pride!

This month's photo contest is called, "Water Dog Photo Contest." Want a chance to win free Made in USA apparel and accessories? Send a photo of your 'water dog' to info@overunderclothing.com Contest ends April 29th. Check out the Facebook page to see other entries!

Dutch's Water Dog Photos:

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