18 March 2012

stay tuned...

This past week was spring break. So wild & out of control was I...in the kitchen, people, c'mon! I had some unsuccessful as well as some relatively successful concoctions/recipes this week. Stay tuned, as they most certainly will be posted...

Look at how lazy the frathound was over break...couldn't even stand up to eat. 

Clearly he had way.too.much.fun at Dogwood Dog Park with his buddy, Camo.

Camo's "sister", Allie, made the dogs homemade treats for our play-date! Even picky eater Dutch liked them. In fact, he gobbled up the crumbs in the container...which I know you're thinking, "SG, dogs eat crumbs. It's a fact of life." Well, folks, not with my pup. He leaves crumbs from treats he eats all over the rugs, but not these! I'm going to get the recipe Allie used and share later this week!


  1. Dutch is too cute! Haha one of my dogs eats like that when he's so tired, and it cracks me up every time!

    Hope you had a great weekend!

  2. thank you very much for coming by ,y blog.... new follower here.... cute pup


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