26 February 2012

at a snail's pace...

I feel overwhelmed by reading all the labels and the amount of food in my house that I cannot eat, but everyone else is happily enjoying. Not that I'm bitter... Ok, I am. Dad brought home a warm French baguette today & ohmygosh did I want to rip into that. Only a handful of days without gluten & I'm already going through withdrawal issues? I did stay on the GF track, even with all the temptations {fresh baked chocolate chip cookies at a friend's house were really hard to say "no" to}.

While becoming accustomed to Gluten-Free & Casein-Free foods, I have felt a little defeated by all the new change. SO, as of today I am allowing casein back into my diet {for now}. Hopefully, by slowing things down a bit, I can get used to & more knowledgable about Gluten-Free foods. Then, once GF is a regular thing that I don't have to really think about, I will {again} go CF, too.

This is not a sign of defeat. Just a sign that sometimes change can be overwhelming & slowing down to analyze said change more closely is just fine.

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