14 May 2012


Why oh why am I such an inconsistent blogger? I was doing well there for a while whilst in school...maybe it's me avoiding the workload...

A couple of posts ago I talked about how my blog would have more of a direct focus (being food). And that would be lovely, except with fosters, charging VBS at my church, an online class, & Over Under - I've got so much going on, that I'm not sure I'll be in the kitchen as much as I'd like... Literally the last thing I baked were those blueberry banana muffins...

So I'm saying screw focus...this blog is going attention deficit. (my posts can be about whatever is on my mind that day). Yay.

With that out of the way, let me start by introducing new foster Mae!

She & Dutch are such dorks together. They both "have" to go potty in bushes or shrubs (they seek them out even if it's highly inconvenient). I put food in Dutch's bowl & food in Mae's and they will only eat out of the other's bowl (not their own). Mae & Dutch are not thunderstorms biggest fans (thanks, rain, for coming tonight). They are funny. Dutch is so easy going, he gets along with all the dogs so I never worry about him.

I gave each dog a Best Bully Sticks stick this afternoon (outside, those stink!) & Dutch chewed through his like a champ & then he proceeded to take Mae's stick that she was still working on...proof: boys are jerks (sorry for a bit on venting there).

Mae is having surgery tomorrow! Keep her in your prayers!!

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